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Kathy is the author of The Writer’s Lexicon, a wildly popular tool for writers.

Multiple 5-star reviews.

Transform wooden characters into believable personalities your readers will learn to love. Or hate. Relax and enjoy your journey—with The Writer’s Lexicon as your GPS.

The Writer’s Lexicon, by Kathy Steinemann

You’re a writer. You just read your manuscript and discovered your characters nodding like marionettes in every chapter. When they’re not nodding, they’re rolling their eyes.


Time to slash the Pinocchio strings and turn them into real live people. Award-winning author Kathy Steinemann will provide the tools. She cuts through the so-called rules and offers simple solutions.

Too many repetitions of “little”? There’s a cure for that. Do you rely on “very” too often? There’s a cure for that too. You’ll find the remedies in this book’s dispensary.

Should you ever use anything other than “said” to attribute dialogue? Are exclamation points taboo? The answers might surprise you.

Learn how to harness body language, purge hackneyed adjectives, and draw on the environment for ambience. No more wooden characters. You’ll transform them into believable personalities your readers will learn to love. Or hate.

Get in the driver’s seat, relax, and enjoy your journey—with The Writer’s Lexicon as your GPS.

Digital Editions:

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Print Editions:

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Please visit Kathy’s home page, KathySteinemann.com, for free word lists and short fiction. You can also subscribe to her blog and browse through her growing collection of books.

About Kathy Steinemann

Kathy Steinemann, Grandma Birdie to her grandkids, is an award-winning author who lives in the foothills on the Alberta side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. She has loved words for as long as she can remember, especially when the words are frightening or futuristic or funny. Her career has taken varying directions, including positions as editor of a small-town paper, computer-network administrator, and webmaster. She has also worked on projects in commercial art and cartooning. Kathy’s website: KathySteinemann.com
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